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Unità di ricerca per la viticoltura (VIC)

Headquarter - AREZZO
Web site:
Unità di ricerca per la viticoltura (VIC)
Viale Santa Margherita 80
52100 - AREZZO
Tel: +39-0575-353021 - Fax: +39-0575-353490

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The Research Unit was created in Arezzo in 1908 as an “Experimental Cellar” connected to the “Cattedra of Agriculture”, with the aim to carry out research in enology and to perform analyses on musts and wines for local governmental bodies and private businesses.

In 1936 became the “Tuscan Oenological Institute”, supervised by the National Department of Agriculture with the participation of local governmental bodies.

The Institute continued working under this structural organization until 1968 when it turned into the “Experimental Institute”, as part of the Department of Agricultural and Forestry Affairs, becoming the “Peripheral Operative Section” of the ISV - Experimental Institute for Viticulture of Conegliano.

Since 2004, the Arezzo branch has been part of  the Scientific Network of the C.R.A. taking on the denomination of “Research Unit for Viticulture” (CRA-VIC).

Under the management of esteemed scholars such as Giuseppe De Astis and Trofimo Paulsen, the Experimental Cellar in the past did important research on Tuscan native vines, testing enological techniques and chemical analyses and promotional activities for the wine-making sector on the regional level.

The present Unit has a laboratory facility for analyses on grapes and wine; it also has an experimental farm of about 6 hectares. It operates in the viticulture research field, with particular attention on vineyard environment and germplasm enhancement of native vines. The Unit has created an ampelographic collection that gathers 500 different accessions mainly from central Italy.


It develops research on the development of grapevine varieties, cultivation techniques, on the relationship between soil characteristics and quality of grapes and wine, with particular reference to the growing environments of central Italy  


The Research Unit for Viticulture has laboratories for chemical analysis of grapes and wine and an experimental farm of 6 ha. Work in research and experimentation in viticulture, with particular emphasis on cultivation techniques, applications to viticoltuira precision, the relationship plant-environment and valorisation of the grape varieties, particularly of indigenous germplasm. In the farm was established an ampelographic collection that contains over 500 accessions, mainly from central Italy, with about 150 accessions of Sangiovese.

In recent years, were enrolled in the National Catalogue of varieties of grapevines the following clones:

- Sangiovese ISV RC1, Sangiovese ISV2, Sangiovese CRA VIC BCSF6;

- Aleatico AL VAL1, Aleatico CRA VIC BCSF3;

- Vermentino bianco CRA VIC LOR5;

- Trebbiano toscano CRA VIC BCSF7;

- Canaiolo nero CRA VIC BCSF4.

Other activities

The CRA VIC is responsible for maintaining the collection of grapevine germplasm. Is also working with the CRA VIT in the activity of certification of vine propagation material.

It has a network of meteorological stations and an archive of weather data.

It Organizes courses of ampelography and recognition of varieties for public and professional associations.

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