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Unità di ricerca per le produzioni enologiche dell'Italia centrale (ENC)

Headquarter - VELLETRI
Unità di ricerca per le produzioni enologiche dell'Italia centrale (ENC)
Via Cantina Sperimentale 1
00049 - VELLETRI
Tel: +39-06-9639027 - Fax: +39-06-9634020

Technical sheets
Research projects

The actual Research Unit for Oenology in Central Italy inherits an important historical tradition: origined as the Regal Experimental Winery, founded by the will of Menotti Garibaldi, son of the famous commander, with R.D. on December 21, 1891, on an available area in the townhall of Velletri. With effect from the 1th of July 1924, the Regal Winery was turned into a moral corporative entity. With D.P.R. November 23, 1967 number 1318 (rearrangement of the agricultural experimentation), the Experimental Institute for the Oenology based in Asti took over to the Experimental Winery, of which Velletri constituted one of the three Peripheral Operational Sections (SOP). Is an entity of university level, under the vigilance of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests. With D.L. 29.10.1999 n° 454 the SOP of Velletri joined in the CRA (Agricultural Research Council) headquartered in Rome, Via Nazionale, 82. Following the emanation of the plan of reorganization and rationalization of the territorial articulations, the SOP has had the recognition of Unit for Oenology research in Central Italy.


It makes also research on winemaking techniques for the enhancement of wine productions with particular reference to areas of vine cultivation and wine production of central Italy.



Currently the Unit participates to a MIPAF project, of which Tuscia University is the proponent, for the use of topinambur biomass aimed for bio-ethanol production. Two internal projects concerning the antioxidant power of grapes and wines, compared with other fruits, are in the final phase; in collaboration with Tor Vergata (RM), Sapienza (RM), Florence Universities, and CRA-Milano. The study of  Latium's secondary vines for the expansion of the autochtonal ampelographic platform. The study of filtration systems in collaboration with Sartorius company. The Unit participates in the PRIN project with Tuscia University which provides for the study of methods of grapes drying in controlled environments. It participates in the formative activity of the first level degree in viticulture and oenology, in collaboration with Tuscia university of Viterbo. It stably collaborates with ARSIAL (Regional Agency for the agricultural development and innovation of Lazio); in this context ARSIAL manages the experimental vineyard of Velletri, located in the area of the Unit, from which the regional demonstrative viticultural center is based. The Unit conducts research on the metabolism of yeast and on the biotechnological trials for the quality improvement of wines.

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