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Unità di ricerca per l'uva da tavola e la vitivinicoltura in ambiente mediterraneo (UTV)

Headquarter - TURI
Unità di ricerca per l'uva da tavola e la vitivinicoltura in ambiente mediterraneo (UTV)
Via Casamassima 148
70010 - TURI
Tel: +39-080-8915711 - Fax: +39-080-4512925

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Technical sheets
Research projects

The Research Unit for Viticulture and Enology in Southern Italy (CRA-UTV) was established in 1968 with the Decree no. 1318 of November 23,  as a peripheral branch of the Experimental Institute for Viticulture of Conegliano Veneto.

Since 1969, with the Presidential Decree 1164/69, it also controls the propagating materials of vine in Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria , Campania, Molise, Apulia  and Sicily).

In the second half of the 70s, the “Lamarossa Experimental Farm” was implanted in the countryside of Rutigliano to store the wine and table grape germplasm and  compare the different training systems.

“Lamarossa Farm” was uprooted in the late '80s (with a partial transfer of the collections, with the use of the micropropagation technique, in the “Paparusso” farm in Turi countryside)  to make it available for a renovation variety program and collections through an health improving of the propagating material. Program then not realized.

Subsequently, between 2004 and 2008 the Experimental Farm was almost entirely replanted using extraordinary  projects resources, such as Aseut, Primitivo, and VITIVIN-VALUT in particular.

In 1999 the Agricultural Research Council (CRA), the Research Agency of the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forest Policies, was founded to comprise all the experimental institutes of Italy. In 2007, following the CRA internal re-organization, the peripheral branch of the Experimental Institute for Viticulture was transformed into “The Research Unit for Viticulture and Enology in Southern Italy” with annexed the Experimental Cellar of Barletta, expanding its mission over the entire wine and table grape industry.


The “Research Unit for Viticulture and Enology in Southern Italy” promotes research on selection and development of  wine and table grapes varieties, in Southern Italy in particular.
It deals with the autochthonous vines characterization and studies their use for the quality wine production.
It carries out studies on the cultivation techniques of table grapes and post-harvest treatments to enhance their nutritional properties, the product value  and  the opening of new market sectors for its by-products.
It assembles  both the expertise of the Research Unit for Viticulture and Enology in Southern Italy and  the Experimental Cellar of Barletta.  


CRA-UTV research activity concerns:

Genetic improvement of table grapes.
Clonal selection and genetic improvement of wine grapes.
Agronomic and eco physiological evaluation of  wine and table grapes.
Assessment of the sanitary status of vines in relation to viral infections.
Evaluation of different plastic covering and techniques for  table grapes protected cultivation.
Evaluation of nutraceutical quality and health benefits of wine and table grapes.
Evaluation of table grapes post-harvest techniques (cold storage).
Attitude evaluation to table grapes transformation.
Biotechnological ratings for the fresh-cut table grapes production.
Evaluation of the oenological attitudes of autochthonous wine grape varieties grown in Southern Italy.
Pest management rationalization in wine and table vine-growing.

Other activities

In cooperation  with The Viticulture Research Centre (CRA-VIT) - Certification of vine propagating material.

Experimental Farms:

Two experimental farms  are  part of the Research Unit:
- “Lamarossa” Experimental Farm characterized by a single surface of 10.51.87 hectares in Rutigliano countryside,  with wine and table grapes cultivars;
- “Paparusso” Farm is characterized by two agricultural lands  located in Turi, about 1.45.00 hectare with  variety collections and new vine crosses.


Greenhouses for plant growth and preservation of primary sources.


Laboratories and processing facilities:

- Wine Chemical Laboratory, for identification and speciation analysis of molecules present in grapes and wines;
- Molecular Biology Laboratory, for molecular studies, genetic and health analysis;
- Agronomic Laboratory;
- Experimental Vinification Winery;
- Freezers for the study of post-harvest techniques and table grapes cold storage.   
- Equipment for table grapes processing  (unfermented juice, jams, juices, partly fermented juices, etc..).


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