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Fondazione Morando Bolognini
Direttore - LUIGI DEGANO

Headquarter - S. Angelo Lodigiano
Fondazione Morando Bolognini
Piazza Conte Gian Giacomo Bolognini, 2
26866 - S. Angelo Lodigiano
Tel: +39-0371-211140 - Fax: +39-0371-210337

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On the initiative of Countess Lydia Caprara, widow of Count Gian Giacomo Morando Bolognini, a Foundation named the “Count Gian Giacomo Morando Bolognini Foundation” is established with registered office and headquarters at  Sant’Angelo Lodigiano (Lodi, Italy), Piazza Count G.G. Bolognini n. 2, at the Bolognini Castle.

The foundation may use the abbreviated form of its name, “Bolognini Foundation”, or the initials “FMB”.

Delegations and offices may be established both in Italy and abroad, in order to undertake promotional activities and develop and reinforce the necessary network of national and international relations to support the Foundation, to promote the achievement of its aims.

The Foundation is a non-profit-making organisation and may not distribute profits.




The Foundation undertakes and promotes experimentation, education, information and scientific research in the agricultural sector.

Specifically, the Foundation undertakes and promotes experimentation, education and the multiplication and introduction of new varieties, to increase their unit yields and contribute to the growth of the country’s economy in general.

To achieve its aims, the Foundation promotes cooperation with the Council for Research and Experimentation in Agriculture (CRA) established by Italian Decree Law no. 454/99, which has taken over, amongst others, the Cereals Experimentation Institute, which had already taken over, under Presidential Decree no. 1318/67, the Northern Italian National Cereal Varieties Genetics Institute, founded under the provisions of a legacy. 

It will also work with other international or national public and private Bodies and/or Institutions working in the agricultural and crop growing sector


ART. 3


In accordance with its aims, the Foundation selects, plans and undertakes, directly or indirectly, all activities relating to the organisation and delivery of goods and services, choosing its fields of intervention, the relative procedures and the type of the services delivered, as well as the levels of quality and efficacy with which they are required to comply, constantly monitoring and verifying their application.

In particular, in the area of agriculture, the Foundation shall establish experimental fields for the development and testing of innovative crop varieties and growing and technological techniques.

It shall also undertake activities in the seed sector, including:

ź         registration and patenting of new varieties;

ź         maintenance of the purity of varieties and their multiplication and promotion.

In this area, it may handle relationships with private seed companies with regard to the management of royalties.

The Foundation shall also work in the heritage sector, to promote the conservation and optimal use of the Morando Bolognini Castle, which has heritage status under Italian Law no. 364 of 20 June 1909 and the relative regulations, now Decree Law no. 42/2004 and subsequent amendments and additions (Heritage Law), ensuring that it is properly conserved and protected with all its furnishings, works of art, documents and items of historic interest.

The Board of Directors may decide to use part of the Castle as a Museum and/or to house permanent or temporary exhibitions, deciding the procedures for its operation and management, also assigning its management to third parties, and adopting specific regulations for this purpose if appropriate.

The Foundation shall also ensure the fitting conservation of the Chapel known as the Ranera Chapel, where the grandparents of Count Gian Giacomo Morando Attendolo Bolognini and his mother, Countess Clotilde Bolognini Morando, are buried.
Other activities



For the achievement of its aims, the Foundation may, amongst other activities:

ź         sign all appropriate deeds or contracts, including those for the financing of the operations approved, including the sale and purchase of full title or ground leases to real estate and the signing of agreements of any kind, including categories subject to public registration, with public or private bodies considered appropriate and useful for the achievement of the Foundation’s aims;

ź         administer and manage the assets which it owns or which it holds on lease, free loan or any other basis;

ź         administer and manage the CRA’s agricultural property in accordance with aims and procedures to be agreed between the parties;

ź         sign agreements with the CRA’s functions for activities to support agricultural trials the performance of which requires the hiring of farm staff and/or the allocation of farmland belonging to the Foundation;

ź         join public and private associations, foundations, consortia or institutions the activities of which directly or indirectly pursue purposes similar to those of the Foundation itself; if it considers this appropriate, the Foundation may also participate in the establishment of the aforesaid bodies;

ź         promote and organise seminars, training courses, events, congresses and meetings, publishing the relative proceedings or documents, and all projects intended to encourage organic contact between the Foundation, national and international operators and organisations, their staff and the public;

ź         manage, directly or indirectly, premises intended for the achievement of the purposes detailed in articles 2 and 3;

ź         sign agreements for the assignment of part of its activities to third parties;

ź         establish scholarships: normally, every year, on the basis of the funds available, the Foundation shall assign scholarships for high-school and university graduates intending to attend courses of specialist study in Italy  and abroad relating to research and experimentation activities studied by the CRA’s various functions, and the activities undertaken by the Foundation itself. The scholarships shall be assigned on a competitive basis, in accordance with the procedures to be set by the Board of Directors, and where possible shall be awarded on 22 October, the date of the death of Count Gian Giacomo Morando Attendolo Bolognini. Between candidates of equivalent merit, the preference shall go to those who are even distant relatives of the ancient Attendolo Bolognini family;

ź         establish awards: normally, every year, depending on the funds available, and preferably on 22 October, the Foundation shall present awards for outstanding achievements in production techniques and methods, including with regard to environmental protection;

ź         as a means to the achievement of its institutional aims, undertake the sale of audiovisuals and promotional materials in general, also in the publishing sector, within the relevant legal limits;

ź         engage in all other appropriate activities to support the achievement of its institutional aims.

When possible, on 22 October and All Souls’ Day each year, the Foundation shall have Mass said in the Ranera Chapel.

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